• May 30, 2024

All-black chicken Kadaknath is healthy 2023

Health aficionados are buzzing about Kadaknath, or all-black chicken. Kadaknath is from Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh (MP). Black chickens, or Kali Masi, have black meat. In 2018, this Jhabua chicken was also GI-tagged.

Its great nutritional value benefits various health ailments, making it popular. Last year, former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni purchased 2,000 protein-rich Kadaknath chicks for his Ranchi farms, demonstrating its appeal.

Commercial chicken lacks this chicken’s nutrients. Compared to broilers, its meat has more protein, less fat, and less moisture. The broiler has 3 amino acids, whereas Kadaknath chicken has 11. According to Good Nutrition dietitian Nidhi Agrawal, its meat has more antioxidants than conventional broiler meat.

Black chicken is abundant in protein, iron, phosphorus, B vitamins, and B12. “The protein content is higher than 25%, fat percentage varies from 0.73-1.05, and cholesterol content is 184.75mg/100g,” Agarwal said.

Healthy Kadaknath chicken

  • Increases hemoglobin.

Iron-rich Kadaknath chicken increases blood count and haemoglobin. Agarwal recommends Kadaknath for low-haemoglobin ladies. It also improves women’s reproductive health.

Jinal Patel, Dietitian at Apollo Spectra, Mumbai, stated, “This chicken offers about ten times more iron than an ordinary chicken and helps improve blood haemoglobin.

  • Enhances vision

Carnosine, an eye-healthy antioxidant, is plentiful in Kadaknath. “Carnosine improves eyesight. Patel claimed it actively inhibits macular degeneration for healthy eyesight.

  • Reduces heart disease risk

Experts say Kadaknath reduces heart disease risk. Black chicken lowers cholesterol, protecting arteries. Black chicken is iron-rich and good for heart sufferers. It improves cardiac blood flow and avoids clots. She said that black chicken includes anti-inflammatory antioxidants that lower heart disease risk.

  • Kadaknath egg health advantages

Kadaknath’s eggs are nutritious like the meat. These low-fat, protein-rich eggs are iron-rich. “A 100-gram egg has 11.67 percent protein. Agarwal recommended them for weight loss due to their high protein and low-fat composition. Patel says eggs help nephritis, headaches, asthma, and immunity.

Are Kadaknath’s meat and eggs harmful?

Kadaknath chicken and eggs are safe to eat. “Anyone who is allowed to have meat and high protein foods and wants a higher nutritional value chicken can consume the Kadaknath variety,” said Agarwal.

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