• May 28, 2024

Clovis Unified and mental health union reach ‘historic’ agreement 2023

Clovis Unified mental health workers are closer to unionizing.

The district and Association of Clovis Educators psychologists and mental health support professionals negotiated a tentative agreement.

The district’s first certificated contract is being called “historic” by the group.

“It doesn’t just give us a voice, but it gives us a voice with some teeth behind it,” said ACE negotiating team member Jade Edwards.

School psychologist Edwards. After the district accepts the contract, she anticipates modifications.

“Salary, work hours, evaluations, job assignments,” she stated. “We’re feeling extremely comfortable about having a lot of things, including standard operating procedures, written down. We feel secure in the process and have a say in any modifications.”

Edwards said it will help Clovis’ mental health professionals to better serve pupils.

“One of the biggest things they’ll notice is that I think pretty much every single site will see an increase in the amount of time a psychologist is at their site,” she added. “We’re also working with the district on how to have a full-time psychologist or equivalent on every campus.”

District administrators valued mental health personnel and wanted to engage with ACE.

“It was a long process and we had always worked toward crafting a contract that fit the interests of our personnel and students. “I think we did that,” said chief communications officer Kelly Avants.

ACE signed a three-year deal. On June 14, the Governing Board will discuss ratification.

Approval activates the contract.

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