• May 30, 2024

Daniel Cummings pledges NDP health care equity 2023

Daniel Cummings, New Democratic Party (NDP) Parliamentary Representative for West Kingstown, has urged supporters to vote in the General Elections to defeat the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

Cummings told the crowd that he did not go to the event to talk about over 20 years of terrible healthcare, the inconvenience of having to scramble to find the money for blood tests, or having to move their loved ones out of the hospital, but rather to hope that the New Democratic Party led by Godwin Friday has a new main approach to health care.

Cummings requested this during the NDP’s Hope Rally at Seaview Garden in Georgetown on Saturday, May 15.

“I want to tell you that there is good hope for a proper healthcare facility with proper equipment and a maintenance mechanism. The party’s shadow health spokeswoman remarked, “I’ve come to tell you that you will find training and development for the doctors and nurses, all those hard-working people and all the staff involved in healthcare under NDP.”

Cummings said that Dr. Friday is a man with a vision, a passion, and a heart for the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and will treat everyone as if they were his relative and provide the same excellent treatment.

“I want to tell you, we need a healthcare system in this country that offers equality to every single citizen of this country and we in the New Democratic Party promise you that you will see installation of a proper health system, a proper national health insurance system that will guarantee you a certain level of health care even if you’re not working.”

Cummings also said that SVG will create a good health information system so physicians can access all patient data at a click and provide better treatment.

Under Dr. Friday’s government, non-communicable illnesses in this country will decrease. Let me give you one simple example: as a mother or father, you have tremendous stress in giving your child food and sending them to school. Dr. Friday’s NDP government will create more employment opportunities and ensure that you don’t have to find money to pay for your children’s exams.

Cummings argued that an NDP administration will reinstate all COVID-19-related job losses and reduce the country’s stress level, which will lower non-communicable illness rates.

“So my dear people,” I want you to know we’re sincere when we talk about hope. As I look at the sea of great individuals here today, I appreciate you for coming out but want you to realize this essential issue.

Give me one solemn promise that as every child approaches their teen years, you will make sure they get registered, that you will make sure that all your neighbors understand how important this election is, and that when the time comes, you will wipe them out and install the New Democratic Party in the governance of this country.”

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