• July 14, 2024

Five Steps For Hiring A Recommendable Handyman

If you’ve made the decision to resume your neglected home renovation tasks, you might want to think about hiring a handyman to help. A handyman is an exceptionally talented “jack of all trades” with a broad focus on house upkeep and repairs. Handymen are usually hired to finish a number of modest jobs in a little amount of time.

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“Small projects and punch lists typically take 1-2 days to complete,” handyman Matt Miller of Chicago’s highly regarded HandiCo Inc. explains. “Some tasks can be completed in a few hours, while others can take many weeks. The most frequent reason people engage us is for repairs—that is, for anything that needs to be fixed—for anything located in or near their homes.”

Hiring a handyman may save a homeowner money on home improvement tasks since it reduces the need for various contractors and service providers. Many handymen bill by the hour, so the homeowner just has to pay for the services of one person who can handle a variety of tasks.

A huge or intricate project that can take a long time to finish and necessitate the assistance of numerous workers is not the greatest fit for a handyman, though.

Handyman Bob Mignogna owns the highly regarded Handymen from Heaven in Needham, Massachusetts. “We focus on small projects,” he adds. We may work in increments of one, two, or four hours and still turn a profit thanks to our methodology. Recall that our handymen specialize in typical house repairs that our clients are unable to complete on their own or do not have the time for. Broken windows, hanging curtain rods, replacing light fixtures, and installing new storm doors are among the tasks we manage.”

Advice for selecting a reputable handyman:

1. Write a detailed description of the work and group relevant tasks together, such as plumbing work for the kitchen and bathrooms. This will assist you in determining what skill sets your handyman needs to have.

2. Create a rough spending plan for the project. Identifying your top objectives and preventing cost overruns will be made easier with a budget.

3. Look for dependable customer testimonials about handymen in your area on Angie’s List.

4. Learn about your obligations and rights in the homeowner-handyman relationship. For example, in Illinois, every home repair or remodeling project costing more than $1,000 must be covered by a signed contract. Check out the websites of your local county and state for specific rules.

5. During the interview, make the appropriate queries. Among them are: Have you ever finished a job like this before? Could you provide a written estimate of the cost and the anticipated completion date for this project? Is there a warranty on your work? Do you possess a professional qualification or license? Have you contacted any local references? Do you own the tools and equipment required for this task?