• June 13, 2024

Indian Celebrities’ Health Trend: Fermented Foods 2023

Fermented foods are a health trend among Bollywood celebs. Rich Indians love these nutritious dishes.

Celebrities are eating probiotic foods like kefir, kimchi, tempeh, miso, and sauerkraut to improve gut health and general wellness. Fermented foods will become more popular in India as celebrities’ social media impact grows.

We’ll explore Indian celebrities’ favorite fermented foods and their rising popularity.


Indian celebs love kefir’s probiotics. Fermenting milk with kefir grains creates a sour, effervescent drink with lots of nutrients.

Kefir, a fermented meal with digestive advantages and lots of healthy bacteria, is popular among Bollywood celebs.

Kefir’s appeal among Indian celebrities seeking intestinal health and well-being continues to climb, whether as a solo drink or in smoothies and sweets.


Indian celebs love kimchi, a Korean fermented vegetable. This probiotic-rich snack contains fermented cabbage, radishes, and carrots with spices.

Indian celebrities like kimchi’s flavor, adaptability, and health advantages. It’s a popular condiment that adds spice and good bacteria to their meals.

Tempeh Miso

Tempeh and miso are becoming more popular among Indian celebrities. Due to its rich protein and unusual flavor, health-conscious Bollywood celebs choose tempeh, a firm, and nutty fermented soybean cake. Miso’s umami flavor and adaptability make it a popular culinary ingredient.

Tempeh and miso are good complements to a balanced diet due to their probiotics and enzymes. These fermented soy products offer health advantages and lend Asian flair to Indian celebrity kitchens.


Indian celebs love bubbly, tangy kombucha. SCOBYs ferment sweetened tea to make this probiotic-rich drink. Kombucha’s cleansing, energy-boosting, and refreshing qualities attract Bollywood celebs.

Indian celebrities appreciate kombucha as a natural, healthy alternative to unhealthy drinks.

Fermented pickles

Indian celebs love tangy, probiotic-rich fermented pickles. These pickles add flavor and health advantages by fermenting mango, lemon, or chilli in salt and spices.

Fermented pickles provide flavor and enrich the eating experience for Bollywood celebs. As a side dish, they spice up Indian cuisine and provide good bacteria for intestinal health.


Indian celebs enjoy fermented yoghurt. Yoghurt has probiotics, calcium, and protein and may be used in many recipes. Bollywood celebs eat yoghurt in smoothies, lassi, and raita.

Indian celebrities who value their health love yoghurt for its creamy texture, tangy taste, and nutritional value.

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