• June 22, 2024

London startup Lindus Health announces insomina, tinnitus, and short-sightedness Studies 2023

Lindus Health will use its technology platform and machine learning to administer trials from beginning to end in order to expedite the delivery of treatments to patients in an effort to enhance and extend lives.

The announcement comes as the company discloses it has raised $6 million to date from investors, including Firstminute, Seedcamp, and Peter Thiel (PayPal co-founder and Facebook’s first outside investor) to accelerate their use of machine learning and data science to revolutionize clinical trials.

Lindus Health is also announcing that it has been awarded a nearly £500,000 Innovate UK Smart Grant as part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), with UKRI assessors describing their work in machine learning and data science as a “hugely valuable and game-changing project.”

Lindus Health claims that its technology accelerates the process of approving remedies and bringing them to market, with trials concluded three times faster than the previous industry standard.

Lindus has conducted more than eighty clinical trials for treatments in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, and will collaborate with Pharmanovia to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a treatment for patients with severe insomnia in a real-world setting. It will use digital technology to locate patients with intractable insomnia.

The business will test its digital tinnitus remedy against in-person therapy on 200 people with Oto.

In addition, Lindus is collaborating with the Berlin-based startup Dopavision to test the MyopiaX remedy for children with progressive nearsightedness. This is intended to increase dopamine levels in the retina in order to halt the disease’s progression.

This year, Lindus Health is also commencing trials aimed at treating and reversing type 2 diabetes with George Medicines and reducing menopause symptoms with US-based Bonafide Health, the parent company of which is JDS Therapeutics.

Lindus Health, founded by Michael Young and Meri Beckwith in 2021, has already assisted 20,000 patients in discovering new treatments for chronic conditions.

Michael Young, co-founder of Lindus Health, stated, “Clinical trials are the greatest barrier to enhancing human health. To expedite the clinical trials process, we are collaborating with companies with rapid growth that are developing the next generation of innovative remedies.

“It’s wonderful to collaborate with the government and industry leaders to revolutionize clinical trials and expedite the delivery of remedies to patients.

“From monitoring trial data in real time to using machine learning to predict trial outcomes and make improvements to trial designs in advance, we want to simplify and accelerate the trials process while putting patients first.”

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