• May 28, 2024

Psychologist outlines juvenile anxiety causes 2023

Mental health awareness week this year focuses on anxiety. Youth anxiety is growing, according to experts.

Several studies have shown that teenagers and young people nowadays are at higher risk of anxiety than prior generations.

Mass addiction

Youths worry about social acceptance. This implies that weekend drinking gatherings often become regular events. Alcohol and smoking create anxiety.

Alcohol alters brain chemistry, causing anxiety, according to research.

Work-life balance

The expert argues that demanding work leave people with little free time. However, he has found that youth prefer to watch Netflix and dread scroll. Instead of being inactive, use this time for physical or mental activity.

Lack of clarity

The expert said youngsters today are influenced by others. Trends matter more. Uncertainty causes tension.

Relationship neglect

Dr. Sharma claimed that “I,” “me,” and “myself” now rule. Teens don’t invest in their relationships, which raises their worry and their partner’s. Relationships need emotional involvement.

Sleep issues

Kids with poor sleep habits have more anxiety. The specialist said sleeping at 1 am daily is OK. However, short-term sleep changes increase stress symptoms. Sleeping regularly can address many issues. It improves mental and physical health.

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