• May 28, 2024

The bases in Antarctica are now part of Argentina’s national health system 2023

It has been reported that Argentina’s seven Antarctic bases have joined the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS), a joint initiative between the Ministries of Health and Defense to enhance early detection and effective and prompt response to public health risks.

According to the new agreement, mandatory notification events will be promptly reported to the SNVS in an effort to enhance the health response capacity in terms of access to medications, apparatus, assistance, and surveillance in the various Antarctic bases.

All the health personnel of the bases have been trained in the use of the SNVS in order to begin notifying and thus communicating in a timely manner with the Tierra del Fuego health authorities and the National Ministry of Health, including the Border Health Directorate, the Epidemiology Directorate, and the control programs for each of the events under surveillance.

This will improve public health hazard identification and response across the country.

“The incorporation of the Argentine Antarctic bases into the National Health Surveillance System is crucial for the full territorial and population integration of epidemiological surveillance,” said Carlos Giovacchini, director of epidemiology.

“It is part of a deepening joint task between both ministries to guarantee the right to health of the population in Antarctic territory, allowing for the expansion and improvement of the country’s capabilities for the detection and response to significant events affecting public health,” he added.

Marcela Ovejero, who is the coordinator for the Defense Ministry’s welfare portfolio, emphasized the significance of the collaboration between the two portfolios.

The incorporation of Antarctic bases into the SNVS occurs within the context of enhancing health care for those who reside for varying lengths of time on Argentine Antarctic territory.

In addition to the provision of additional medical apparatus to the bases, the initiative also included teleconsultation assistance capabilities.

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