• July 22, 2024

US Health Services Project Serves 2 Million Lango Sub-region Residents, Operating Theaters Open 2023

Today, the US Mission to Uganda celebrates the development of health services in the Lango sub-region of Northern Uganda, which leads to healthier newborns, mothers, and young women.

Since 2018, the U.S. has worked with the Ministry of Health to help districts and health institutions provide comprehensive health services to over 2 million Ugandans in the Lango subregion.

These activities mostly helped Lango’s 475 parishes’ women and children. Quality maternity and newborn care services were quadrupled by the programme. From 39,000 in 2018 to over 80,000 in 2022, health institutions delivered more infants, resulting in healthier newborns and fewer maternal and infant deaths.

U.S. Health Care Project Benefits More Than 2 Million Residents of the Lango Region; Surgical Suites Ready to Go

During the same period, teenage girls and young women who yearly received volunteer family planning services climbed from 75,000 to 180,000, guaranteeing two and a half times as many girls enjoy a healthier and brighter future. Health results for under-5s also improved.

“In 2019, only 41% of children under five with pneumonia were appropriately treated, according to the Ministry of Health’s recommended standards,” stated USAID Uganda Mission Director Richard L. Nelson. 95% presently. 94 percent of children with diarrhea are now properly treated.

Three operating theaters at Orum, Dokolo, and Ogur Health Center IVs were inaugurated today. Orum’s maternity ward and neonatal intensive care unit will improve maternal and newborn care for nearly 80,000 moms each year.

The U.S. government project improved nutrition, water and sanitation, and community health by working with affected communities, district leaders, and other stakeholders to understand the local context. This improved HIV, TB, and malaria patient outcomes. The USAID-funded Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services – North (RHITES-N) Lango Activity made this initiative feasible, improving the lives of many Lango Sub-region Ugandans.

USAID and other U.S. agencies have worked with Ugandans and other partners to address health needs, including sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, for 60 years.

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