• July 14, 2024

USAID-IHP teaches 50 Kebbi health professionals on maternal, child death surveillance and response 2023

USAID-IHP is training 50 Kebbi state health workers on the Federal Government’s new MPCDSR guidelines.

For six days, the USAID-IHP, Mometum-Safe surgery in family planning and obstetrics, Federal Ministry of Health, and Kebbi state protected pregnant women, their unborn children, and children under five.

The Abuja country office’s IHP Technical Lead Maternal and Newborn,Health, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Dr. Jaiyeola Oyetunji, told Sunday Sun that those trained would be divided into groups and sent to wards and local government areas to train other health workers on the new guidelines.

He said, “we are in Kebbi state because the federal Ministry of Health, late last year revised the national Maternal, Perinata and Newborn death surveillance and response guidelines, we used to have that.”

Last year, the Federal Ministry of Health included the Child Component. We now have maternal, perinata, and child death surveillance and response.

This document includes the guideline, training manual, and tools. Mr. President must sign Senate-passed legislation.

We train Masters trainers. We completed that nationally. USAID-IHP helps the federal government educate state trainers. So we can have crucial clusters of trainers who can go to health institutions in local government areas and wards to teach health workers on this new guideline and instruments.

This guideline prevents avoidable deaths of pregnant women, their newborns, and children under 5 throughout pregnancy, labor, and after.

“So, the ideal is that, when we know the cause of the death of any pregnant women, babies after deliveries, weected that health workers will report the cases on the national platform provided where Response Community would immediately review the case every month.

Every quarter, at the state capital, the heads of health facilities would analyze cases of mothers and children dying to determine the primary and indirect reasons.

Thus, we may intervene to prevent future instances. Because pregnancy is not an illness, our sisters, wives, and children will not die needlessly.

“Like I said, these set of participants are 50 now that we are training and out of these 50, they would be divided into groups that would go to each local government in the state,” he added.

They might be separated into five groups and sent to a local government to teach health professionals in primary, secondary, and tertiary health institutions in the state. that all health personnel knew about this new recommendation.

Thus, they could find, examine, and report those cases.

He noted that this would allow the LGA, State, and National levels to build action plans on instances discovered at various health institutions.

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