• May 30, 2024

Chrome Asia Hospitality and Trijog, India’s top mental health service, celebrate Pride Month 2023

In India, the hospitality industry is one of the largest employers of human capital. Nevertheless, LGBTQIA+ representation has not yet reached its full potential.

Chrome Hospitality and Trijog have taken the first step toward their larger vision of creating spaces and workplaces that celebrate diversity and instill a sense of belonging in everyone in an effort to make one of India’s largest employment sectors more inclusive.

Regarding this partnership, Nikita Shahri, co-founder of Chrome Asia Hospitality, stated, “At Chrome Asia Hospitality, we prioritize inclusivity.

Modern companies should support gender equality in employment.

Our long-term objective is to not only curate restaurants that honor and commemorate PRIDE on a daily basis, but also to implement workplace and mental healthcare policies that motivate participants from all sectors.

Trijog and Arushi have been instrumental in making inclusivity a second nature for many individuals. We are pleased to inaugurate our partnership with Trijog and celebrate PRIDE month with a specially curated menu.”

Arushi Sethi Shah, co-founder of Trijog, adds, “At Trijog, we are dedicated to normalizing inclusion. Together, we must establish safe spaces, and the hospitality industry has always reflected what a good time looks and feels like.

The same was true this year, as we collaborated with Chrome hospitality to bring inclusivity, love, diversity, and inclusiveness to our cuisine, our thought, and our physical spaces, thereby advancing our mission to make India more inclusive in every manner.

The PRIDE menu will be offered at all Chrome Asia Hospitality restaurants, including Donna Deli, Shy!, Demy, and EVE.

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