• June 13, 2024

Gujarat issues student digital health cards first 2023

The government of Gujarat has taken the initiative to issue digital health certificates for monitoring schoolchildren’s cognitive development and nutritional status.

Gujarat is the first and only state in India to implement this system under the Shala Arogya-National Child Health Program (SHRBSK).

On June 12, 2023, in conjunction with the twentieth Shala Praveshotsav (School Enrollment Drive), this comprehensive health check-up campaign was launched.

As part of this special campaign, more than 1 billion schoolchildren in Gujarat will endure health screenings over the next 30 days, ensuring their well-being.

SHRBSK is a joint program between the federal and provincial administrations that serves children from birth to age 18. It includes pupils enrolled in Anganwadi centres, primary schools, secondary/higher secondary institutions, as well as those who have dropped out of school.

Key attributes

Through this program, the state government provides free health screenings, diagnosing anemia, malnutrition, skin diseases, cognitive disabilities, and developmental delays, among other maladies.

The Shala Arogya-National Child Health Program is comprised of 992 mobile health teams, each of which consists of physicians, pharmacists, and health care professionals. Throughout the state, these teams will conduct health screenings on students.

Children diagnosed with illnesses during the campaign will receive free care at all government hospitals, from Primary Health Centres to hyper specialty hospitals.

The introduction of the ‘Digital Health Card’ is one of the initiative’s most important aspects. The digital health card will provide information on various health parameters, including height, anaemia levels, and nutrition status, in order to monitor students’ nutrition and cognitive development.

SHRBSK mobile health teams and community health officers will collaborate with school nodal officers to refresh the digital health card with students’ and parents’ health information.

Moreover, during the campaign, nodal instructors and community health personnel will collaborate to facilitate Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA ID) for all students.

Integrating academic and health reports

In addition, the government of Gujarat is integrating health and academic reports. The integration of data between the Health and Education departments is intended to promote the holistic development of each student.

Beginning this year, schoolchildren will undergo health examinations every three months, providing accurate and up-to-date information about their health throughout the year.

The final health report will be incorporated into students’ grade sheets and report cards to promote an all-encompassing approach to their education and health.

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