• July 14, 2024

How Can You Help During Mental Health Awareness Week for Men? 2023

Over the past decade, we’ve battled stigma around men’s mental health and psychological stress, but we may be hitting a pinnacle.

We’re becoming more aware of men’s mental health difficulties, yet 40% of guys won’t talk about it, so psychological stress accumulates to a sad end for many.

Men under 45 account for 3 out of 4 UK suicides.

Celebrities have spoken out to reduce the stigma around men’s mental health and promote awareness that most guys carry the psychological burden. British artist Stormzy noted that impoverished individuals are twice more likely to get depression, with black people being more at risk.

Vulnerability is boldness.

29% of guys didn’t seek treatment because they were “too embarrassed”. No one should be ashamed to address their psychological stress with a professional.

Fighting the stereotype that men must be strong, unyielding, and guarded is difficult. However, Generation Z and Millenials are more welcoming and supportive, perhaps breaking down boundaries created by prior generations.

Men’s health groups fight stigma and aid men with mental health issues. Andy’s Man Club, a suicide prevention nonprofit, supports men’s mental health via discussion.

Movember, which promotes men’s health by encouraging men to grow moustaches in November, shows us how to help others (3):


  • A – Ask

Ask how they’ve been feeling. Mention if you’ve noticed any changes, if they’ve been quieter than usual or not wanted to hang out or meet up.

  • L – Listen

Give them your full attention. They might not be looking for a solution or answer, just validation of how they feel.

  • E – Encourage Action

Try to help them think of simple things they could do to improve their mood, such as getting enough sleep and eating proper meals.

  • C – Check In

Suggest another meeting soon, or if you’re both busy, a short call or text can be enough. This will help you gauge if they’re feeling better.

Using the ALEC model (3) is an excellent place to start if you’ve got a friend who seems to be struggling.

How Can Employers Help?

A healthy workplace requires mental health checks. Employee health may boost productivity and morale, benefiting workers and customers.

There are several strategies to assist employee mental health. Allowing a few “wellness days” every year shows you care about your employees and reduces psychological stress.

Another approach is to offer your staff an Employee Assistance Program.

An EAP provides employees a confidential area to discuss their mental health.

Each Person just launched an EAP to help organizations assist their employees’ mental health with features like:

24/7 counseling

Phone, internet, and in-person help

The 24/7 hotline refers to six face-to-face counseling sessions.

Financial advice

Incident and conflict management

Each Person EAPs reduce depression and poor mood by 60%, occupational stress by 35%, and absenteeism by 45%. You will improve employee dedication, performance, and retention.

An EAP lets people choose when and how they get mental health and psychological stress support.

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