• June 22, 2024

Toxic emotional interactions 2023

The patterns exhibited by our relationships have an effect on our emotional wellbeing. While healthy patterns promote emotional and mental well-being, detrimental patterns can leave us feeling exhausted. “Be aware of the patterns within your relationships.

These patterns will give you insight into whether your needs are being met, whether the relationship is beneficial for you, and what is being acted out,” wrote therapist Divya Robin in an explanation of how relationships affect our emotional health.

Divya elaborated on the importance of paying attention to patterns by stating, “Many of us exist on default in our relationships and do not focus enough on the patterns. These characteristics are crucial. If a relationship is detrimental to our emotional health, it provides tremendously useful information.”

Divya listed six harmful relationships

  • Unspoken assumptions

No matter how deeply we are in love, we should always be cautious about communicating expectations in plain language. Extreme consequences demonstrated by individuals when their expectations are not met also reveal the pattern in which we are currently engaged.

  • Differing opinions

In some relationships, individuals are not permitted to hold divergent views. When this occurs, the individual is made to feel like an outcast. This is a significant red flag.

  • Negatively discussed behind the back

A companion should always have your support. When you realize, however, that your partner is speaking negatively about you, particularly behind your back, it is time to confront them and make decisions regarding the relationship.

  • Taking personal accountability

Mistakes are inevitable, but we should be able to accept responsibility for them. Repeated failure to do so can create a detrimental pattern in the relationship.

  • Giving up requires

In certain situations, we sacrifice our expectations and desires to appease the other person and avoid conflict. This is a symptom of a relationship that is toxic.

  • Bringing others into a conflict

When we are unable to resolve conflicts on our own and must involve others, this is a warning sign.

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